Ray Santo : Rebranding

Rebrand of Ray Santo Wine Estate-grown from the heart of Rueda, Spain in our La Seca vineyard, these grapes have been hand selected at their moment of ripening. Harvested at night to preserve oxidation, and carefully extracted using hydraulic presses, they enter the winery at naturally cool temperatures. Our special techniques allow the aromas to stay intact. The grapes receive a short skin maceration of 4 to 6 hours, and then are softly pressed in a pneumatic press. Through the use of cooling controlled fermentation at 15°C for up to three weeks, this wine is undoubtedly crafted with care. Producing a straw yellow color with greenish highlights, this beautifully crafted wine can only be served at a chilled temperature. Rey Santo wine gives out an intense aroma that anyone can fall in love with. Our Verdejo wine hints at the smells of tropical and stone fruit with traces of citrus, it releases aromas of fresh herbs and subtle notes of fennel. Producing a tasty and fresh juicy sensation, its acidity levels are one to admire while hinting a short burst of bitterness, typical to Verdejo grapes.

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