In Time - The Watch Evolution

Intended as a type project to reveal the future of time, this Holographic smart watch concept was adapted from Nissan's Nismo design.

A Watch Revolution

Everyone understands how time works. It’s the ticking of a clock, the whine of an alarm, and the calendar on the wall. Since we understand how they work, we also know the feeling that there aren’t enough hours in a day. We sometimes feel that we are running out of time, we look at our wristwatches, we look at our clocks, and we see how time has past. Time affects us tremendously in our day–to¬–day activities and works hand–in–hand when establishing order and balance in our lives. Technologies will alloww the wristwatch to become much more than a mechanical object that merely tells time.  

In the past years, the wristwatch has slowly adapted itself to the companion of the cellphone. It has new abilities like measure movement, GPS location, heart beat, receive text messages, and transmit small amounts of data through your smart phone. Although it is still missing a lot of more components that can help the user in their day–to–day lives. We need to develop the ability for it to connect with your smart phone and transfer information between other devices, through wireless signals.  
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