Flawed Film Festival : PT Anderson

Those whose eyes and ears have yet to experience the surreal magnificent of Paul Thomas Anderson’s films need no better introduction than the likes of “Magnolia,” “Boogie Nights,” or even the darker and much more disturbing, “There Will Be Blood;” but if you’re too busy or too lazy, it can be said with extreme confidence, that P.T. Anderson should be mentioned as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. P.T. Anderson has made films in a number of genres, but his films often deal with themes such as loneliness and family dynamics, with his usual trademarks of long takes and emphatic use of music. He veers from art house experimentation to old fashioned melodrama and from profound philosophical inquiry to kinetic violence and dirty sex. Plenty of other directors make great movies, but no one makes movies that have more of what makes movies great in them like P.T. Anderson's films. We are proud to present “Flawed”, a film festival that is dedicated to the work of one the greatest American directors, Paul Thomas Anderson and his talent to perfection. The festival is a celebration of P.T. Anderson’s work and his deep admiration to his father, Ernie Anderson. The main event will take place in Cleveland, at WJW-TV Channel 8 Studios, on February 6th to 8th, encompassing three screening nights and concerts that will focus around the topics of dysfunctional family relationships, addiction, desperation, and isolation.

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